Operational Scenarios & Solutions


Population control with IMSI catchers, CELLINT and SIGINT

Prisons are a hub for non-authorized use of cellular activity. P6 can control access to the network on a phone by phone basis in prisons as well as locate rogue phones using direction finding technology - Click for more >>

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Tactical Operations

Arrests, Intelligence gathering and tracking

PICSIX systems assist LEA’s in their mission to track, trace and apprehend criminal and terrorist elements within their jurisdiction - Click for more >>

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Command & Control Center

Integration of systems into smart C&C’s

PICSIX C&C’s can manage and tactical or strategic monitoring systems and amalgamate their data into the liberty platform - Click for more >>

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P6 Border solutions can be placed at strategic points across a problematic border In order to track movement and assist in fighting crime, trafficking and any illegal penetration into a country. PICSIX's border suite uses smart technology to study patterns over time and alerts forces to suspicious activity, new phones in the area and allows LEA's to locate said phones using the DF suite of locator's - Click for more >>

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Secure airports, population control, real time intelligence. P6 LIBERTY solutions for airports enables LEA's to gather cellular identity details which are cross-correlated with OSINT capabilities in order to generate full profiles of everyone at an airport - Click for more >>

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