Border Protection

Our Solution

P6 Border solutions can be placed at strategic points across a problematic border In order to track movement and assist in fighting crime, trafficking and any illegal penetration into a country.

PICSIX’s border suite uses smart technology to study patterns over time and alerts forces to suspicious activity, new phones in the area and allows LEA’s to locate said phones using the DF suite of locator’s.

PICSIX employs its Liberty platform which integrates hardware and software in order to learn about an environment, collect intelligence and alert authorities when suspicious behavior is detected new mobile phones within a range up to 100km will set off an alert mobile phones approaching the border will set up an alert cellular identities of these mobile phones are collected and cross checked in real time with inbuilt databases.

Voice prints of calls made are crosschecked with inbuilt databases and targets that use the cellular network in the are create alerts to law enforcement agencies Direction finding capabilities allow law enforcement agencies to track down suspicious users in the area.

The SIGINT fence creates alerts that prevent border penetration, attacks, smuggling and trafficking. The smart system studies inhabitants in the area and knows how to alert law enforcement agencies when new suspects appear