Prison Interception

Our Solution

Population control with IMSI catchers, CELLINT and SIGINT. Prisons are a hub for non-authorized use of cellular activity.

P6 can control access to the network on a phone by phone basis in prisons as well as locate rogue phones using direction finding technology.

PICSIX allows prison authorities to block communications from all unauthorized phones while maintaining communication on authorized phones using selective jamming.

Additionally, in PICSIX enables law enforcement agencies to confiscate unauthorized phones using proprietary technology that allows special prison search teams to find 100% of all unauthorized phones.

The use of active systems in this scenario is preferable to the old technique of flat out jamming as it does not require transmission at levels which are unsafe as well as being more cost effective PICSIX smart and safe Prisons have been implemented all over the world and are able to control communications on GSM, UMTS and LTE.