The perfect interception

Picsix develops cutting-edge interception technology for government agencies around the world. We are proud that our technologies combat terrorism, drug and human trafficking and help keep the world a safer place.

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PICSIX Ltd. was founded 10 years ago by intelligence experts, with a deep understanding of both complex communication technologies and operational scenarios. With both of the above disciplines always in mind, PICSIX has grown its product offering and has become a one-stop shop for your tactical intelligence needs.

Products & applications

PICSIX is a manufacturer and developer of all of its products. Therefore, any of the products can be delivered as an off-the-shelf solution, or custom tailored to an agency’s unique requirements. PICSIX has customized a variety of unique form factors in all of its products categories in the past and will continue to do so for its clients in the future. Some popular enclosures are - vehicular installations, pelicans, covert backpacks, military-grade backpacks and more.
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Meet us at Milipol Paris

19-22 October, 2021

As Milipol is approaching we are excited to meet with existing partners as well as new customers. As always, we will be demonstrating our full-suite of cellular interception and intelligence solutions inclusive of passive GSM interception, 2G-4G IMSI catchers, and more. Make sure to stop by and ask about the P6-Fi5, out market-leading 3G/4G native interception system. Feel free to write us in order to schedule a meeting or private demonstration. Looking forward to seeing you there.
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